Aug 8, 2014

François Rengère "Equilibre EP" out on Parquet Recordings

Proudly announcing: out on Parquet Recordings: My François Rengère - Equilibre EP!! It has already received support by sascha braemerOliver SchoriesDavid Keno and many more! The third track "Deep Keys" is a collaboration with my buddy Dave Leon Ohrklang, whom I want to thank for constantly pushing this project forward! Available everywhere starting july 28th.

Buy "Equilibre":


Artist: François Rengère
Country: Germany
Catalogue Number: Parquet083
Release Date: July 28th, 2014

Jun 27, 2014

"Illusions EP" now out on Rock River Records!

This EP is featuring 3 different tracks and is released by the Japan-based label "Rock River Records". During the first two weeks after release on June 27th, it will be exclusively available via beatport, from July 11th on also on Itunes and other online mp3 stores.

"Illusions" is a very melodic, emotional and moody tune. It can roughly be qualified as progressive house track, but doesn't have any kind of big room character to it. It's accompanied by warm guitar sounds and a catchy vocal sample, whispering into the atmosphere from time to time.

"Phantasms" was actually a first experiment with Steve Duda's famous "Cthulhu" vst plugin. I was trying out different settings and functions of this piece of software and ended up having most of the ideas for this track. A couple of months later, I gave it the final touch.

"Get Real" is a pretty straight forward tune. Compared to the other two tracks, it's less complex and maybe also less warm, has more open filters and can be considered a little more rough than the other two tunes, picking you up from a dreamy state of mind to take you back to reality.

Artist: Armas

Country: Germany
Catalogue Number: RRREC033
Release Date: June 27th, 2014

Jun 20, 2014

Review by "Musicality" of "Shura - Touch (François Rengère Bootleg Remix)"

Just found this one: Taylor from the "musicality" blog writes a small and nice review of my edit on "Shura - Touch". I'm not really french, as he writes, but the rest doesn't sound all that wrong...

I had never heard of François Rengère before today. The Frenchman has surprisingly pleasant production and his shadowy creation below has me confused...I love the sound but can't pinpoint exactly what elements I love. Everything seems to work together so well that the mix might as well be an original production. He is still making bootlegs, which is an unofficial remix, but this gives him the freedom to touch any track he wants. Obviously he had his eyes on this gem, and it couldn't have turned out any better. Love this guy so far.

Jun 10, 2014

Armas 'Nite Watch' now available on Itunes!

Since yesterday my EP "Armas - Always Go South" is available on all important download stores. If I were to pick out my personal favorite on this EP, I'd go for "Nite Watch".

Here's a review by

Armas “Always Go South” EP in PDR045 is a unique combination and blend of different musical styles such as progressive house, deep house, and electronica.
The EP is about focusing on the warmer side of life and an optimistic outlook on life. “Always Go South”, “One Winter Morning”, and “Nite Watch” all bring their own unique musical specialities and are sure to give the listener a variety of things to feel and ponder. Quality music from a truly talented producer!

Jun 8, 2014

Summer Vibes 2014 Mixtape by François Rengère

Here's a new mixtape, special summer edition. Feel the vibes, enjoy and share ;)


1. Anna Graceman - Words (Glastrophobie Remix)
2. Last Lynx - Curtains (Dinner Date Remix)
3. Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Florian Paetzold Edit)
4. Nicolas Haelg - Next To You 
5. KRONO feat. Linying - Run
6. Daft Punk - Something About Us (François Rengère vs Owl Eyes Cover Remix Edit)
7. Fabich & Ferdinand Weber and Dinnerdate - Souls Together
8. Mario - Let Me Love You (Sllash Remix) - Lucas Türschmann Edit
9. Noosa - Love (Keljet Remix)
10. Shura - Touch (François Rengère Edit)
11. Mighty Oaks - Just One Day (Niklas Ibach Edit) 
12. Robin Schulz - Shyer (Robin Schulz Bootleg)
13. Sun Goes Down (Extended Mix)
14. Kelvin Jones - Call You Home (Jam Couché & Felix Jaehn Remix)
15. Mayer Hawthorne - Reach Out Richard (Mitzi Remix)
16. François Rengère - Primavera (Groove Edit) 

May 15, 2014

"Always Go South EP" forthcoming on Portrait Digital Recordings

Here's the mindset for my upcoming Always Go South EP, which is also featured on Portrait Digital's Tumblr:

Always Go South EP 

This EP features 3 quite different tracks. While “Always Go South” and “One Winter Morning” can be described as progressive house tracks, “Nite Watch” tends a little more towards the deep house genre. Therefore, the EP describes my musical mindset quite well, as I’m mostly switching around between these two genres, depending on mood, feelings and time of the year. Mostly my goal is finding a rather complex, emotional, but at the same time catchy melody.

I was working on a completely different track when I had the idea for “Nite Watch”. I was actually trying to write a secondary melody for a very housy track, when I decided to use this melody in a completely new and slightly deeper tune. From then on, everything went fairly quick.

One Winter Morning” on the other hand, took almost two years to get finished. I had the idea for the lead melody in the early hours of a very cold day a couple of years ago. Then, it took several sessions, all of them interrupted by months of no work on the track, to simplify the initial idea and arrangement towards the final EP version.

Always Go South” in turn, which is giving the name to this EP, was made in more or less one very optimistic mood and ended up being one of my quicker productions. I’m very happy to release this EP with Portrait Digital, a label featuring a lot of promising and very talented artists.

Artist: Armas
Country: Germany
Catalogue Number: PDR045
Release Date: May 26th, 2014